ChunkLoadError: Loading chunk 4986 failed

Hello ,

We are using Siemens IX (V2.1.0) in an Angular application (Version 16). The application is using modal dialog and few more controls. The application is build with the default angular build mechanism of web-packing.

The application is hosted in the aws environment with load balancer in the middle. User can access the application only with a valid session. If the session expires, user can’t access the application.

We have a usecase to show a Modal dialog, when a session is expired. To achieve the usecase, we are using ModalService from ‘@siemens/ix-angular’.

If the user has already opened a Modal dialog before session expiry, then at the time of session timeout, the modal dialog is shown without any problem.

If the modal dialog was not opened before the session expiry, then at the time of session timeout, the modal dialog is not shown. And in the console, chunk errors are displayed like below
ChunkLoadError: Loading chunk 4986 failed.
at f.f.j (runtime.61a21400b95fa961.js:1:5025)
at runtime.61a21400b95fa961.js:1:1098
at Array.reduce ()
at f.e (runtime.61a21400b95fa961.js:1:1077)
at Wt (main.6c53acdf4e8d8e29.js:1:1663896)
at main.6c53acdf4e8d8e29.js:1:1652536
at ()
at ge (main.6c53acdf4e8d8e29.js:1:1700644)
at Nt (main.6c53acdf4e8d8e29.js:1:1700870)
at main.6c53acdf4e8d8e29.js:1:170094

The network log shows request for 3 chunks related to (ix-modal, ix-modal-content and ix-modal-footer) as shown below

Is there any way to include Modal related files as part of initial load?

Hi we will not change the lazy loading behaviour. Please do not prevent loading additional runtime files if you session is expired.