Collision Conference In Toronto

:loudspeaker: : We’re thrilled to announce our presence at Collision in Enercare Centre, Toronto from 2023-06-26T13:00:00Z2023-06-29T21:00:00Z

Join us at this exciting event where we’ll be showcasing our offerings, connecting with industry leaders, and engaging in stimulating discussions. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to meet our team and be a part of the cutting-edge conversations at Collision.

Update: Siemens Agenda for Collision is now available.

See you there!


Looking forward to meeting you there in person! Just visit Siemens booth


Sigh, I wish I could join.


Enjoy the show!
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Now one week after Collision let me summarise what we learned from the audience about our Developer Portal:
Our Siemens booth was always crowded, was hard but joyful work!
The developer portal has been extremely well received. People liked the professional look & feel, as well as developer oriented UX and comprehensive materials. Most people visiting us were not aware of Siemens being a software company, kudos to @rado_r , Bettina Rotermund and the entire Siemens team.
Though we won a lot of praise, we figured out some areas to be improved (actually exactly what we wanted to get for our main launch at Web Summit :smile: ):

  • we must promote our Developer Portal much better
  • Redirects to external portals/ communities must be avoided, ideally the entire information should be in one portal
  • It’s not enough to have the documentation only, people want to start using APIs directly in the portal
  • The navigation between Marketplace, Developer Portal and community was sometimes confusing and it was not always easy to get back.

Despite those valid but manageable things, we did an amazing job! So thanks a lot to all the people contributing, and especially of course to my valued teammate @sn0wcat !

Guys, you rocked the Collision and we will rock the Web Summit even more!!!


It was an absolute pleasure to present the hard work the team has been putting in for the developer portal.
The crowd at Collision was a delight to talk to and I am already looking forward to showing it to them next year!


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