Dropdown IX component for custom context menu options

Is it recommended to use dropdown component for showing custom context menu options?
If not, is there any other component which can be used.

basically, I need dropdown to be shown on mouse right click instead of left click.

Hi @yash.agrawal . Thank you for your question.

First of all: from a technical perspective this approach is absolutely feasible.

Also from an UX/UI perspective, triggering a context menu with a right click, might make sense for your application. Some aspects you might want to consider:

  • Consistent behavior in your application. Similar elements should then provide a right-click context menu, e.g. all list elements. Other elements might still have the browser default right-click menu.
  • Think of providing an alternative way to access actions in the context menu, especially in the case of touch the right click is not easily to access.

Hope this helps!