Event for ix-dropdown-button emitting on dropdown open/closed

There is showChanged event for ix-dropdown component but there is nothing similar for ix-dropdown-button. There is no possibility how to get notified when user opens/closes the dropdown.

Note - I also tried to use ix-dropdown-button as a trigger for classic ix-dropdown but the close behavior is different and it’s very confusing for the user if this is used next to ix-dropdown-button - in case of ix-dropdown-button the dropdown is closed on click of the button but if I use ix-dropdown-button as trigger for classic ix-dropdown, the dropdown stays open on click of the button.

Can you please take a look? We really need this in our project and it also seems like needed feature in general (maybe aligning the close behavior of ix-dropdown and ix-dropdown-button would be also something to consider).

I also already created an github issue for this topic: Event for ix-dropdown-button emitting on dropdown open/closed · Issue #1383 · siemens/ix · GitHub

@petra.kristova thank for your input. GitHub issue is fine will close this thread here to avoid duplications