Icons for delete/remove actions

I’m looking for some icons for deletion/removal actions, e.g. delete/remove a user, etc.
I’ve only found lots of “add” icons (e.g. “add-user”), but very few “remove” icons (e.g. “remove-eye”, no “remove-user”).
Did I miss something in the concept or are there any plans?

Hi @bic, adding something is a very specific action, only a “plus” would not be enough, while removing usually starts with selecting the item you want to remove. And then it is clear what you want to remove and the trashcan icon is enough. Especially for critical actions like removing a user I would recommend to use a text button “Remove” to make it very clear what hapens.

Thank you,
I haven’t seen the “trashcan” and “trashcan-filled” icons.
I agree that deleting/removing should be a more dedicated action like a button with a label.

But I think for the icons “add-circle-filled” / “add-circle”, the opposite ones would be useful, so not with a plus but a minus sign. Use-cases to increase/decrease, add/subtract things.

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Hi @bic, we have dedicated “plus” and “minus” icons (without circle only). These are intended to be used for increase and decrease. We have created these as separate icons just to keep the actions “add” and “increase” separted. But not sure anymore if this was a smart decision. No one will probably search for another plus icon when they found the “add”… Nevertheless, you are right, when we have a circled plus we should also have a circled minus. We will add this.


Sounds good, thank you!