Industrial Edge Device - NGINX Reverse Proxy


I am developing and application for deploying on a siemens industrial edge device. The application includes a backend server (in Django) and a frontend UI (in react). I have packaged the application with an NGINX server with proxy_pass for the backend. Here is the simplified architecture:


So when running on a server I can reach the backend at http://myserver/api which I can set as the base URL for all my API calls (using Axios) from the UI to my backend. Now when publishing my Industrial Edge Manager what should I set as my base URL?

What would be the server address for the application when deployed on the industrial edge device? Is there a default address for the NGINX server running on the industrial edge device?

I hope I have articulated the question properly.

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Hi @saad.ahmad , this group is about the Industrial Edge for Machine Tools products - Industrial Edge has actually a separate forum for general questions like this one, I created a question in that forum for you :smiley_cat:

I will move the topic to the Developer Space category, but the chances are higher that you will get an answer in the dedicated industrial edge forum.

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