Is there a Siemens-managed Docker repository for external use?


I have a question that I hope that the community may answer :slightly_smiling_face:

I was wondering if there is a Docker repository that Siemens developers may use to distribute their containerized software to customers. This is relevant in cases where customer’s are required to run some software developed by Siemens on their own infrastructure.

There is a Docker repository that is publicly available in CSC (code.siemens), however I presume that this is primarly intended for internal CI/CD pipelines for testing or programs that run in the cloud.

Interested in hearing your inputs on this topic!

Thank you!

There is a Siemens organization on docker hub which seems to be an obvious choice.(managed by CSC people) . Some products (e.g. Siemens Industrial Edge) have their own org on Docker hub…

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Thank you, @sn0wcat

I guess that the Siemens org account on Docker Hub might be a candidate, however it does not look very active at the moment. Do you know the colleagues that are working with this?

It would be great to have a common Docker repository to distribute software to our customers

Can you share some more information on this?

Hey folks, we from the team are managing the Siemens org account. Feel free to join the internal discussion around the same topic.