Reinitialize failed - Datepicker is not changing its value on reinitialization (next time) when i did re initiate in angular

used angular component:
ix version : 2.0.4
i have one observation in datepicker,
a) i added datepicker with range true,
from =“2022/03/04”
b) and i added one reinit button with below click event
reini() {
this.from =“2022/03/10”“2022/03/20”
3) then i click the my reinit button…
observation is : date picker is not changing its value on 2nd time when i did re initiate, on button click.

how to archive this. its needed for me.

demo code : import { Component } from ‘@angular/core’;

selector: ‘app-example’,
template: <button (click)="init()">Reinit</button> <ix-date-picker [range]="isRange" [from]="fromDate" [to]="toDate" ></ix-date-picker> ,
export default class DatepickerRange {
isRange = true;

fromDate = ‘2022/12/15’;
toDate = ‘2022/12/24’;

//changing dates to other values not working
init() {
this.fromDate = ‘2022/12/20’;
this.toDate = ‘2022/12/23’;
alert(“renit failed”);

Hi already tracked here DatePicker/DatetimePicker not updated when date changes · Issue #593 · siemens/ix · GitHub