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We are excited to announce the launch of our new developer portal! With help of our developer portal, you can create powerful and innovative applications that take advantage of our API products. We’re excited to see what you build!

Our developer portal contains following resources:

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Some new entries on the developer portal since the launch:


Mcenter is an on-premises software platform for the CNC shop floor. It provides secure, bi-directional communication with machine controllers, securely integrates data from machines and other assets, and runs a variety of applications to bring digitalization close to production.

Industrial Iot Open Source Tools and Libraries

Industrial IoT Open Source Tools and Libraries are contributions from the Industrial IoT community. These are demo applications, libraries and SDKs and useful connectivity tools which are maintained and released as open source software. The source code for all libraries is available on Github and the packages can be downloaded via common package management tools.

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New Entries on the Developer Portal

Enlighted Manage

The power of software-defined lighting

Enlighted Manage features a secure browser-based interface to create profiles and adjust settings of the Enlighted IoT platform, and it is available as cloud-based software or on-premises hardware. It provides data analysis views for data harvested by the Enlighted Smart Sensors for energy, occupancy, and environment factors. In addition, it facilitates integration with third-party building automation and demand-response systems.

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New Entry on Developer Portal


The COMOS Web REST API is available for COMOS Web. It is a REST-style, HTTP-based API used to interact with COMOS data and to access COMOS features. This will give you the option, for example, to reuse parts of COMOS Web in your own web client or to use it for non-interactive data exchange.

The API supports standard operations like Create, Read, Update, Delete (CRUD) and is used for dedicated COMOS functionalities, e.g.:

  • Creating working layers and COMOS objects
  • Reading project / working layer information
  • Reading, updating and deleting COMOS objects
  • Reading document revision information
  • Downloading / uploading documents
  • Performing check-ins, check-outs and revision steps on documents

New Entry on Siemens Developer Portal

Teamcenter (X) Product cost management

Teamcenter Product Cost Management (also known as TcPCM or just PCM) and the cloud based Teamcenter X Product Cost Management are Siemens solutions to provide cost transparency for products and tools by supporting the cost and value engineering approach at an early stage of the development process. They also support in driving decarbonization by making product carbon footprints transparent.


New Entry on Siemens Developer Portal

OT Companion

OT Companion® enables continuous OT asset inventory monitoring and patch management for power system operators in utilities, industries and infrastructure verticals. With OT Companion, you gain asset transparency across the installed base of multi-vendor, multi-generation and multi-technology operational technology (OT), e.g. energy automation products, network devices and software components. You are enabled to efficiently scale vulnerability monitoring and security patch management. OT Companion supports the required processes and recommended practices derived from cyber regulatory requirements.