Siemens iX 2.0.1 release notes

:loudspeaker: Siemens iX 2.0.1 is here! :sparkler:

Hello iX community, we’re happy to announce the latest iX release - Siemens iX 2.0.1 :sparkles: :rocket:

:arrow_right: What’s new?

Breaking changes

This release marks the first ever change in major version number (from one to two) for Siemens iX :weight_lifting_man:

Besides numerous features this also introduces a number of breaking changes

Note this will require some effort to migrate but it has some great long term benefits like more stable und clear APIs, and there’s a detailed guide to support your upgrade

Shadow DOM

The migration of all iX components to shadow DOM is now done - this guarantees encapsulation and robustness of components

Keep in mind that overwriting component styles from outside will no longer work but this is by design and will ensure common look & feel across Siemens apps

New components

A set of new components was added to the library: avatar, layout grid, link button, slider, toggle button & icon toggle button

Application frame enhancement

We have introduced a second level navigation to the menu component and made it more responsive so that it will adapt itself perfectly to common viewport sizes

Classic theme update

The old classic theme has been replaced with a newer, more modern-looking version

The previous version is still available under the name theme-legacy-light/-dark but will no longer be maintained

Font rework

We have listened to user feedback and improved our font system to make it clearer and easy to use

We updated names of the text variants and implemented a typography component that allows for easy font juggling

Icon style guide

We wrote a comprehensive document about usage and creation of in app icons :open_book:

:ok_hand:t4: See here for a full list of update

Please don’t forget to update all packages you have installed (ix, ix-icons, ix-angular, etc.) to their latest versions

:arrow_right: Your turn

As always, we would like to know which of the new features or resolved bugs you are most happy about and of course if you have any suggestions, we will be happy to add them to our backlog!

Please share this with anyone you think may be interested.

Thank you and see you soon! :heart_hands:

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Hi Lukas, is this also working/tested with nextjs / rsc / ssr ?

We didnt tested it yet, but should be possible with stencil web components (Combining Server Side Rendering and Static Site Generation | Stencil).