Siemens iX 2.1.0 release notes 🔊

:loudspeaker: Release Alert! 2.1.0 has arrived!

Hello community, we’re happy to announce the latest release - Siemens iX 2.1.0 :sparkles: :rocket:

:arrow_right: What’s new?

Modular application frame

This release introduces a more flexible way to implement your application’s main navigation.

Going forward you can now compose your app using a set of modular components (ix-application, ix-application-header, ix-menu & ix-content) instead of relying on the predefined basic and map navigation.

This is useful, for example, if you need to omit the header when your app is hosted inside another application.

Basic and map navigation will continue to work of course.

App header improvements & app switch

The application header was extended to be more flexible as well.

It is now possible to add custom elements like buttons and dropdowns to the header.

It can also host the new app switch button which offers an easy way to change from one application to another.

The button provides access to an app overview where users can navigate to another application simply by clicking on it.

Pane layout

The new pane layout component helps organize your application by providing collapsible areas of grouped content.

These panes can be placed at the top, bottom, left or right side of the main content area.

Two types of panes can be used. One that shows a bar, containing its title and a toggle button, when closed.

The other variant is hidden completely when collapsed and can only be opened by another element.


A number of style guides were added to the documentation this time around:

:ok_hand: See here for a full list of updates

Please don’t forget to update all your installed packages (ix, ix-icons, ix-angular, etc.) to their latest versions.

:arrow_right: Your turn

As always, we would like to know which of the new features or resolved bugs you are most happy about, and of course if you have any suggestions, we’re happy to add them to our backlog!

Please share this with anyone you think may be interested!

Thank you and see you soon! :heart_hands:

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Today we released the patch 2.1.1 that fixes some bugs introduced in 2.1.0 as well as some older issues.

Please go to this version right away!

Happy coding :wink: