Siemens iX 2.2.0 release notes

:loudspeaker: Release Alert! 2.2.0 is here!

Hello community, we’re happy to announce the latest release - Siemens iX 2.2.0 :sparkles: :rocket:

:arrow_right: What’s new?

Package release strategy

We improved our tooling to allow for more fine grained versioning of our packages.

Up until now for each new version of the core package (@siemens/ix) we had to also release all subpackages (e.g. @siemens/ix-angular, @siemens/ix-aggrid) under the same version, regardless if there were any significant changes or not in each package.

From now on we will only update packages if they had changes introduced to them. This means that all subpackages now also follow semantic versioning perfectly, making it that much clearer what types of updates they actually contain.

This also greatly reduces the amount of open source clearing that has to be done, because there will be far fewer releases than before.

You can read more about the iX versioning in our release documentation.

Menu tooltips

For the menu component’s items we removed the HTML title attributes and replaced them with our own tooltip component.

The tooltips are configured to only appear while the menu is collapsed which causes the menu items’ labels to be hidden.

By showing the tooltips only when necessary we are able to improve accessibility and user experience for the ix-menu component.

In addition to that, second level navigation items will, similar to the tooltips, open a popup on hover, that gives access to their subitems.

Card list

We introduced an option to the card list component that allows to make the “Show all” button optional.

This is useful if there is only a small number of cards in the layout and no overflow is to be expected.

Category filter

The category filter allows the user to filter by a category/value combination (e.g. manufacturer = Siemens). This filter can also be inverted.

Since this does not make sense in all use cases we made this switch optional allowing developers to set a fixed operator (equal or not equal).


A new style guide section was added to our documentation: the content header style guide.

:arrow_right: Your turn

As always, we would like to know which of the new features or resolved bugs you are most happy about, and of course if you have any suggestions, we’re happy to add them to our backlog!

Please share this with anyone you think may be interested!

Thank you and see you soon! :heart_hands:

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