Siemens ix workflow component


I am using ix-workflow-steps component for angular,

  • Is it possible to implement a form with two steps and use those steps as workflow? It seems to get out of order when I try to implement form inside ix-workflow-step.

Anyone have any idea how that can be done?

Hi @sila.kucuknane ,

thank you for your question. If I am understanding you correctly, your intended behavior is that form elements are part of the ix-workflow-step itself and collapses when coming to the next step. Correct?

The ix-workflow is however designed as split view stepper. That is, having the workflow steps and the content separated (vertically or horizontally). Similar to this figure:

If your focus lies on the collapsing / expanding behavior, you might want to consider the ix-blind and indicate the workflow progress with an icon at the blind title.

Hope this helps, best