Siemens PLC Integration Issue with Custom Website

I’m facing an integration issue between my Siemens PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) and a custom website developed for monitoring and controlling industrial processes. Despite extensive efforts, I haven’t been able to resolve the issue. Here’s a detailed explanation:

  1. Objective: The goal is to establish seamless communication between the Siemens PLC and the custom website to enable real-time monitoring, data visualization, and control of industrial processes. This integration is crucial for optimizing efficiency, detecting faults, and improving overall productivity.
  2. Setup:
  • The Siemens PLC is responsible for controlling various industrial equipment and processes.
  • The custom website, developed using modern web technologies, acts as the user interface for operators and supervisors to monitor and control the industrial processes remotely.
  • The website uses APIs or protocols (such as OPC UA, Modbus TCP, or Siemens S7 communication protocol) to communicate with the Siemens PLC and retrieve data or send control commands.
  1. Issues Faced: Despite implementing the necessary communication protocols and ensuring compatibility between the website and the Siemens PLC, I’m encountering the following issues:
  • Inconsistent data retrieval: The website intermittently fails to fetch real-time data from the PLC, resulting in outdated or incorrect information being displayed.
  • Unreliable control commands: When sending control commands from the website to the PLC (such as starting or stopping a process), the commands are not always executed reliably, leading to process disruptions or errors.
  • Connection timeouts: The website frequently experiences connection timeouts or disruptions when attempting to communicate with the PLC, causing interruptions in monitoring and control functionalities.
  1. Troubleshooting Attempts: I’ve made several attempts to troubleshoot the issue, including:
  • Verifying network configurations and ensuring proper connectivity between the website server and the PLC.
  • Reviewing the codebase of both the website and the PLC program to identify any potential bugs or compatibility issues.
  • Testing communication using different protocols or APIs to determine if one offers more stability or reliability than others.
  • Consulting documentation, forums, and resources related to Siemens PLC integration to gather insights and possible solutions.
  1. Seeking Assistance: I’m seeking assistance from the Siemens community to help diagnose and resolve this integration issue. If anyone has experience with integrating Siemens PLCs with custom websites or has encountered similar challenges in the past, I would greatly appreciate any guidance, suggestions, or troubleshooting tips to help me address this issue effectively.

Thank you in advance for your support and expertise!

Hi @joeroot.pk80

Thanks for reaching out. Here are a few tips for troubleshooting. If those do not help, I would suggest getting in touch with the API provider directly.

Inconsistent data retrieval:

  • Ensure that the communication protocol or API being used is properly implemented and configured on both the website and the PLC.
  • Check for any network issues or latency that may be causing intermittent failures in data retrieval.
  • Verify that the data being fetched from the PLC is in the correct format and compatible with the website’s data processing.

Unreliable control commands:

  • Double-check the implementation of control commands on both the website and the PLC to ensure they are correctly configured.
  • Test the control commands using different protocols or APIs to determine if one offers more reliability.
  • Review the PLC program to ensure that it is properly handling and executing the control commands received from the website.

Hope this can help to figure out the problem.

Thank you for your suggestions and troubleshooting tips. I appreciate your assistance in trying to resolve this integration issue.

Regarding the inconsistent data retrieval:

  • I will double-check the implementation and configuration of the communication protocol or API to ensure it aligns with the requirements on both the website and the PLC.
  • I’ll investigate further into any potential network issues or latency that could be contributing to the intermittent failures in data retrieval.
  • I’ll also review the data format being fetched from the PLC to ensure it matches the expected format for processing on the website.

Regarding the unreliable control commands:

  • I’ll thoroughly examine the implementation of control commands on both the website and the PLC to verify their correctness.
  • Testing the control commands with different protocols or APIs sounds like a good approach to identify any potential issues with reliability.
  • Reviewing the PLC program to ensure proper handling and execution of control commands received from the website will be a priority.

If these steps don’t lead to a resolution, I’ll consider reaching out to the API provider directly for further assistance. Once again, thank you for your support and guidance. I’ll keep you updated on my progress. :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi @joeroot.pk80 ,

From your message I take it that you are not using the siemens industrial edge device as the Gateway to the PLC rather you are communicating directly with the PLC. In this case would you mind sharing which library you are using for the communication? I have experienced this issue with a few open source libraries that implement the S7 protocol particularly if you are polling a large number of tags/DBs.

I have no found a robust open source library for S7 communications.

One solution is to use a Profinet to MQTT or OPCUA protocol converter.


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