Tailwind CSS + Siemens iX


I have an open question for you :smiley:

Is there anything in particular to consider if integrating Tailwind CSS in a project that uses the iX stylesheet and components?

I am a bit worried about overwriting some of the styles from the iX global stylesheet with Tailwind classes. Hopefully, it is simple to integrate the CSS classes from iX with Tailwind.

Thank you


all our components (only native input tag are based on global styling but will be solved in near future) are encapsulated with a shadow dom. Therefore you can choose any css framework on top of ix.

Thank you, Daniel

Clever design by the iX team, kudos!

I am very happy that we can use Tailwind alongside iX. We have tried it in on of our projects, and it works as expected.

:+1: If you are facing any issues feel free to raise a ticket (Sign in to GitHub ยท GitHub)