Unleash your Giphy game

:star2: Attention Siemens Community! :star2:

:tada: Get ready for a dose of laughter and fun! Siemens has its own category on Giphy, filled with hilarious GIFs and memes all about us! :tada:

We love to introduce GIFs to our community. Our Siemens Giphy collection is bursting with funny content that captures the spirit of Siemens, and we can’t wait to see how you use them. Of course, you are more than welcome to use any GIFs via the Giphy integration.

:gift: What’s in it for you? :gift:

:sparkles: Express Yourself: Sometimes, words just aren’t enough to capture the moment. With our gifs and memes, you’ll have a whole range of options to express your thoughts in a fun and engaging way. Celebrate, joke, or simply say “thank you” with a touch of Siemens humor!

:sparkles: Spread the Laughter: Laughter is contagious, and we believe in creating a vibrant and joyful community. GIFs and memes are designed to bring smiles and laughter to your conversations. Share them with your friends, colleagues, and fellow Siemens enthusiasts to spread the cheer!

:sparkles: Engage and Connect: Giphy allows you to connect with a global audience by sharing our Siemens-themed content beyond our community. But that’s not all! You can also use these GIFs and memes right here in our very own Siemens community. Let’s make our discussions even more lively and enjoyable!

:balloon: How to add GIFs here in a community post? :balloon:

It’s simple! Follow these steps:

:one: Start creating a new community post.
:two: Look for the GIF icon in the editor menu bar (see screenshot below)
:three: Search for “Siemens” or any other search term in the search bar.
:four: Enjoy a plethora of GIFs and memes!

Get ready to sprinkle some Siemens fun into your digital conversations, whether it’s here in our community or beyond!


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