Seeking Insights: Siemens Xcelerator's Role in Automating Greenfield Hospitals

Hi Everyone,

As we anticipate future staff shortages in healthcare, I’m curious about innovative solutions for automating new (“greenfield”) hospital setups. I’m particularly interested in how the Siemens Xcelerator has been used in this context.

My primary question is this: Does anyone have experience or insights into how Siemens Xcelerator is being leveraged for greenfield hospital projects? Specifically, I’m looking for blueprints or reference models that demonstrate the future of automation in hospitals.

To break this down further:

  1. Are there case studies or examples where Siemens Xcelerator has been effectively integrated into new hospital projects, contributing directly to operational efficiency and patient care enhancement through automation?
  2. How are these setups addressing the potential shortage of medical personnel? Is there an emphasis on self-sufficiency, remote healthcare services, robotic process automation (RPA), or other innovative solutions?
  3. If available, could you share details or outcomes of any pilot projects using Siemens Xcelerator that specifically focus on creating a futuristic, staff-efficient hospital environment?
  4. What are the challenges faced during the integration of such high-tech solutions in greenfield projects, and how does Siemens Xcelerator help overcome these?

Understanding the practical applications and limitations of this technology will be incredibly beneficial. We need to prepare for a future where our healthcare facilities are resilient, self-sustaining, and innovative in handling staffing constraints while maintaining the highest standards of patient care.

Thank you in advance for your insights and shared experiences.

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Dear simplehero,

Healthcare industry is under different challenges. One of the them is as you mentioned, staff shortages. In addition to that, increasing patient expectations , aging population , cost pressure, sustainability are other key topics/challenges in healthcare industry.

And what we believe the best answer to these challenges is the digitalization. To effectively use digitalization for our customers we promote / support / advocate digital transformation. Yet digital transformation is a journey and it takes time for our healthcare customers. That is why we have the Siemens Xcelerator platform to accelerate our customer digital transformation journey.

So to answer your question(s), we as Siemens Global Healthcare Portfolio Team , created the Xcelerator for Healthcare vertical approach which is basically leveraging Xcelerator platform to help our Healthcare customers. In our Xcelerator for Healtcare Marketplace ( Healthcare - Industries - Global ) you can find the use cases we created so far by using of our solution finder. These are the solutions we can deliver today.

In terms of references, again in our Xcelerator for Healtcare Marketplace page you can find different refence projects which I believe would be interesting for you.

In addition to our existing solutions and references we are continuously developing new use cases in coordination with our Siemens Xcelerator portfolio and our ecosystem partners portfolio. If there is still a portfolio gap we need to fill, then we have our own development team to create specific solutions.

We also have a co-innovation approach /method where we collaborate with our industry leader / visionary healthcare customers to discuss and create innovative solutions.

As a last word, I believe the future of healthcare depends on Medical, IT & OT technologies working seamlessly to create the best experience for all stakeholders in the healthcare environment. And what we are working on in Siemens is exactly that, leveraging Siemens Healthineers with Medical domain know-how , Siemens Advanta with IT domain know-how and Siemens Smart Infrastructure with OT domain know-how. In addition to all of our Siemens portfolio we have our amazing ecosystem partners to enhance even further and the Siemens Xcelerator Platform to bring all of it together.

Best Regards,
Alihan Arol

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